LCC Firearm Refinishing specializes in finishing and customizing firearms, knives, and tactical equipment by means of Cerakote firearms coatings. 

Cerakote is the most durable and chemical resistant firearm coating available on the market today. 

I am particular to the finest detail and treat every project as if it were my own.  I have also been in law enforcement for several years where I served as department armorer, and hold multiple factory armorer certifications.  

 Whether I am saving a gun that is almost lost due to corrosion and years of abuse or customizing a newer gun to give it that one of a kind look,

I will put every ounce of possible effort into meeting and exceeding your expectations.  

Take some time to look through my gallery of photos to get an idea of what is right for you and don't hesitate to call, text, or email with any questions that you may have.

any vision.  any design.  any piece.

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